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Home Remedy For Vaginal Odor

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The main cause of Vaginal odor is an infection called "gardnerella". This infection causes bacterial vaginosis. Bacterial vaginosis is the primary cause of vaginal oder, due to an imbalance in bacteria found in a woman's vagina.

Woman with vaginal odor will notice a fishy or musty smell, especially after sexual intercourse. The fishy oder can result from vaginal infections or semen in the vagina. Most woman who've tried these home remedies, have seen effective results.


Some effective home remedies are:

Ingredients: Garlic
Get a fresh pealed clove of garlic and wrap it in gauze, insert and replace ever 6 hours.
Ingredients: Acidophilus, Garlic
Take acidophilus and garlic tablets. This remedy will help aid the healing process.
Ingredients:  Yogurt (plain with live cultures)
one of the best remedy for bacterial vaginosis (causes vaginal odor) is to eat plain yogurt. The more often you eat it the less likely you are to have infections and that smelly odor. You can also
take an unused tampon and dip it into the plain yogurt and insert it up into your vagina for 1 hour then remove.
Remove sugar from your diet.
Drink 6-8 glass of pure water daily.

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